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Workplace Safety Training for Supervisors and Researchers is a Course

Workplace Safety Training for Supervisors and Researchers

Started May 2, 2018


Full course description

Designed for supervisors and researchers, the Office of Risk Management has teamed up with UHR's Learning and Talent Development group to bring critical safety tips and hazard mitigation techniques to our campus community. 

Just some of the things you'll learn - 

  • What your responsibility is when an employee is injured on the job

  • Overview of the Worker’s Compensation process

  • Resources to help you “Respond, Report, and Review” in case of an injury

  • Detailed instructions on how to conduct an Incident Investigation

  • Introduction to the Risk Management Process

  • Skills and tools to help you identify and eliminate hazards on campus to improve safety for all!

This course is self-paced and will take approximately 50 minutes to complete. You must complete the three modules and pass all 3 quizzes to receive a certificate of completion.


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